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Congratulations! You have just recieved your finance quote. You can call us on 1300 748 346 if you would like to talk to one of us about whether you can get approved for this amount. We will be happy to help and are always willing to give a hand.

Monthly Repayment$150.00

Must be more than $5,000

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Vehicle Information
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Your Information
Name: John Smith
Vehicle: Holden Commodore 2009
Amount: $22,000
Term: 52 Months
Residual: 20%
  • Your vehicle is used predominantly for business purposes, or you can salary package a vehicle
  • As you were unsure, your vehicle will be a prestige vehicle.
Other Information
  • This quote excludes any fees (lender dependent) and government charges (such as stamp duty).
  • While every attempt is made to ensure this quote is as accurate as possible, please be aware that it may change based on your individual circumstances, chosen residual and other factors.